Why study at MINDLABS?


Key attributes that make MINDLABS an outstanding academic institution


Safety of campus is utmost priority

nurse3Security Measures

At MINDLABS, we place high priority on the health, safety and security of our students. All staff, students and visitors will be issued with an ID. This must be work in a visible manner whilst on the property. Visitors are required to sign in at the guardhouse desk and are issued with a visitor’s badge. All visitors must sign out and return the badges before leaving the premises.

MINDLABS implement a 24-hour monitoring system through its security personnel. In situations where the child’s parents are delayed in picking the child after 4pm, the child remains in a secure class room near the Security Guard post and is not allowed to roam in the facility.

Nursing & Health Forms

In order to provide first aid to any student who required it, the academy has tied up with nearby clinics and parents will be informed through the Principal’s Office if their child is ill and needs to be picked up.


Our innovative Quality of Education will bring out the Best in each student

Great emphasis is placed on students developing the skills and attitudes embodied in the SLN Academy-Wide Learning Results: Think Creatively, Reason Critically, Communicate Effectively, Collaborate Constructively, Learn Enthusiastically, and Live Ethically. Learning at MINDLABS is not confined to academics only, but encompasses social and emotional development.

eduGlobal learning skills in a classroom environment

We are pioneering the teaching methodologies in Malaysia by adopting some of the latest proven techniques that are employed by Fortune 500 companies including Google University. This revolves around inquiry based teaching, teaching thinking skills and creative thinking where MINDLABS is a pioneer in the formulation of our own “Genius Hour” program. A range of stimulating and challenging activities that benchmark the requirements of an international academy are incorporated into every term.

Bespoke programs under the no child left behind policy

With a low student teacher ratio of less than 15 students per teacher, MINDLABS is able to individually track students. Teachers take time to speak personally with students to assist them set achievable targets to motivate them to progress on to the next level with confidence.

Well Rounded Education

To attain the child’s full potential, each student is assessed and evaluated on a regular basis and parents are informed of their child’s progress. The academy conducts 2 interim internal examinations each year to monitor the level attainment of each student. An all-round education does not solely depend on academic achievement and therefore a programme to encompass both moral and social development has been instituted to ensure full integration in today’s multi-national and multi-ethnic society. This includes cross curricular activities.

Tailor made extra- curricular activities

Term study tours from Year 4 participates in the compulsory Study Tours which includes aspects of the curriculum taught for the group. Field trips and Competitive Assessment programmes are available. “Kidz Yoga” is a unique program that has been crafted with professional yoga instructors and global institutions to bring long term positivity to the child’s overall development.


Our Quality of Faculty Members make the difference

Knowledge delivery by qualified and experienced instructors

YAll members of the faculty are specialists in the subjects and the year levels they are teaching. This is embodied in a stringent management system which ensures effective delivery of quality education. Both academic and support staff work together as one strong community to achieve this goal. With that as a cornerstone, from the commencement of operation, MINDLABS has a stringent policy to employ faculty members that meet the requirements.

Continuous development

At MINDLABS professional development for all our faculty members is of paramount importance. We believe that all staff should embrace the latest development and best practices in international education. Our instructors are also regularly evaluated to upgrade their training and teaching methods. They provide a balance of work and fun in ways that encourage students to want to get involved in their lessons, increasing the learning pace.