Comprehensive Facilities

At MINDLABS, we have put in place the required infrastructure in our facilities, to promote opportunities and support in the numerous activities. We will continue to upgrade these facilities with time to keep abreast with the latest teaching and development materials.

  • Library
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Science & Math Lab
  • Play Area

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Activities @ MINDLABS

activitwhiteBesides helping our students excel in academia, we place great importance on activities outside the classrooms. The nurturing of talent and interests in other activities help shape our students into well rounded individuals who stand out from the others.


Co-Curricular Activities
Co-curicular activities are designed to assist our students explore and cultivate their talent and passion. We coach students the art of thinking and inquiring that can be applied to their education and daily lives via our propriety methodologies that has gained global recognition. With this, they continue to build discipline, abilities, confidence and discover their true passion and interest, which will shape their lives. Each of these activities is incorporated into the core syllabus to promote their focus, leadership skills, perseverance, EQ and IQ development:

  • Speech & Drama
  • Dance
  • Kidz Yoga
  • Living Skills
  • Art Attack & Handwriting

























Extra-Curricular Activities

MINDLABS students will also have access to a range of extra-curricular activities, which are held after the end of the normal academy day. activity

    The activities offered vary from year to year. These activities enable students to develop their skill to be competitive and strive to reach higher levels. These include:

  • DNA (Dance & Attitude)
  • Speech & Drama
  • Kidz Yoga
  • Extra Tutorial Classes

At MINDLABS, your child’s teachers can place educational activities in our intranet for your child including:

  • Homework
  • Worksheets
  • Past papers
  • Exam results and feedback
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Parents are kept informed through:

The Parent Portal : A communication channel for announcements and electronic records of student academic results.

Homework Journals : Emails sent to parents summarizing lessons and homework for the day.

SMS Notification: Student’s arrival and urgent notices, if any.

Monthly Progress / Report Card Days: Parents get to discuss their child’s progress with teachers in person

For students needing extra support, we have an Extra Tutorial Programmes that focuses on all the subjects. We also have student counseling services, if required.

Reports are issued 3 times over the Academic Year and parent-teacher meetings are organized each semester to allow parents the opportunity to speak class and subject teachers during a single visit.


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