Application Form

Application From

Student’s Particulars

Guardian Information / FATHER

Guardian Information / MOTHER




1. Admission into MINDLABS ACADEMY is on a first-come-first served basis and is subject to approval and availability of places.
2. Please complete all sections in the Application Form in BLOCK LETTERS. The application will be processed only upon receipt of complete and accurate disclosure of information in the following sections.
3. Please submit the Application Form together with supporting documents and the following fees to the Administration Staff for processing:

a)     Application Fee (non refundable and non transferable fee)

b)     Registration Fee (non refundable and non transferable fee)

4. Payment can be made by either one of the following methods:

·       Cash

·       Online payment via CIMB Clicks/Maybank2u/Standard Chartered to our Public Bank Account Number: 3197732914 (please provide acknowledgement slip for confirmation)

·       Crossed Cheque and Bank Draft payable to MINDLABS EDUCATION SDN BHD


One (1) copy of Student’s IC/Birth Certificate

One (1) copy each of Parent’s IC/Passport

Two (2) Passport size photographs

Photocopy of previous school report & testimonial

Student’s medical certificates/immunization record

6. Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

a)     Applications for all levels shall be subjected to an Entrance Test and approval by the Principal/Management

b)     All applications for examination year are subject to approval by the Principal and/or Academic Management

c)     Once the applicant is offered a place at the academy, he/she will be issued with a Letter of Offer. To fully enroll your child in MINDLABS ACADEMY, full payment of the following fees must be made to the academy BEFORE the commencement of the semester upon collection of Letter of Offer.

·       Deposit

·       Tuition Fees

·       Any other miscellaneous fees (per semester)

7. Students who are non-Malaysian passport holders: admission to, and continued status as a student in the academy is conditional on the child possessing a valid visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The parents or guardians shall undertake to keep the academy informed of any changes in the status during the child’s enrolment at the School.

Release of Liabilities and Indemnity

The Academy, its employees, teachers and agents shall not be responsible with respect to any personal injury, death or loss or damage to property of any kind whatsoever which may occur at any premises within MINDLABS ACADEMY.

Students taking part in any of the academy events do so at their own risk and the students/parents/guardians agree to indemnify the academy against any claims as the result of any act or omission of the students

Terms of Payment

All parents/guardians are advised to read the terms and conditions governing the admission to MINDLABS ACADEMY and the child’s continued enrolment as a student of the academy, as stated below:

1. All fees can be paid by Credit Card, Cash, Online Payment via CIMB Clicks/Maybank2u/Standard Chartered and Cheque or Banker’s Draft made payable to:

MINDLABS EDUCATION SDN BHD (1163657-A)The Application fee is a one-time payment and non-transferable. It is payable in full upon submission of the Application Form in order to secure a seat for your child.

The Registration fee is a one-time payment, non-transferable. It is payable upfront upon acceptance of the admission.


2. The Security Deposit which is premised on the tuition fees will be required as deposit. This deposit will be reviewed annually to be in line with the fee of that particular year. The deposit is refundable on the condition that written notice of withdrawal is provided one (1) semester or 3 months in advance. This deposit is strictly non-transferable and payable in full on admission of the student to the academy.


3. Sibling Discounts:

Siblings are entitled to a discount on tuition fees and it is only applicable to siblings who are still studying in the academy;



5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount
On 2nd Child On 3rd Child On 4th Child On 5th Child



4. Parents can choose to pay the fees for a Full Year (4 Semesters) or by term basis.


5. All fees must be paid at least two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the school term.


6. The academy reserves the right to deny entry and enforce suspension to the student if the fees remain overdue after the payment due date.



Terms of Withdrawal

1. If a student chooses to discontinue his/her studies at MINDLABS ACADEMY, a notice of withdrawal should be given 3 months prior to the student’s last day.


2. Valid reasons should be included in the notice of withdrawal and parents/guardians are required to attend a session of ‘exit interview’ with the academy.


3. Outstanding academic fees must be settled in full before the student’s last day.


4. All withdrawal are subject to administrative charges of RM100 per student.


5. The Deposits will ONLY be refunded if all the above (1-4) are complied accordingly.


6. For any withdrawal before the commencement of the academic semester, fees paid will be refunded. However, if the student withdraws after the semester commences, fees paid will not be refunded.