Our Mission Statement

MINDLABS Academy or MINDLABS is a private-funded academy with a focus on English as a First Language and Mathematics, Science and Technology. The establishment of MINDLABS is to cater to the needs of young students.

At MINDLABS, we continue the commitment to unite knowledge and goodness. It seeks students who combine proven academic ability, intellectual curiosity, and tenacity with decency and good character. At the academy, exacting inquiry and thoughtful discourse foster the life of the mind, instruction and activity promote fitness and health, and the daily interactions of a residential academy nurture integrity, empathy, and kindness. Because learning and growth at MINDLABS arise from each individual’s engagement with others, the richness of education here requires diversity in all its dimensions; students and faculty value the differences they bring to the community they share.

The challenges that students meet at MINDLABS and the support they receive have a common purpose: to stimulate their development as individuals and as members of society. MINDLABS seeks to graduate young people whose creativity and independence of thought sustain their continuing inquiry and reflection, whose interest in others and the world around them surpasses their self-concern, and whose passion for learning impels them beyond what they already know.

A Symbol of Self Awareness&Limitlessness

logoThis emblem reflects the dual symbol for divinity found throughout the universe and at the centre of every individual. Similarly, it represents inner awareness or “inner heart” that connects us all to a higher consciousness. The emblem signifies taking all of the powerful teachings and symbolism of a lotus and allowing yourself to be mindful, compassionate, open in life, persevere, aspire and excellence will follow. When you unfurl those petals that have hidden your heart and mind from new beginnings you can see things in an entirely new way, bringing about infinite and limitless possibilities.

The 5 colours represent the 5 continents signifying borderless knowledge and learning through time or space.