Our Core Values

Our system and curriculum seeks to transform learners of today in the leaders of tomorrow by fostering the development of six key qualities known as the ā€œ6 Cā€™sā€:


  • Character Education and aspiration: Honesty, self regulation and responsibility, perseverance, empathy for contributing to the safety and benefit of others, self confidence, personal health and well being, career and life skills
  • Citizenship: Global knowledge, sensitivity to and respect for other cultures, active involvement in addressing issues of human and environmental sustainability
  • Communication: Communicate effectively orally, in writing and with a variety of digital tools, listening skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving: Think critically to design and manage projects, solve problems, make effective decisions using a variety of digital tools and resources
  • Collaboration: Work in teams, learn from and contribute to the learning of others, social networking skills, empathy in working with diversity
  • Creativity and imagination: Economic and social entrepreneurialism, considering and pursuing novel ideas and leadership for action