Founder & Teachers

Junior Academy



Mr Mohsen Kaeini

(Co-Founder/ Academic Adviser)


Our motto, ‘Empowering your child to their maximum potential ‘ is all about engaging with the possibilities, developing relationships, building character and learning to meet challenges. Our holistic approach means that we are committed to all areas of a student’s development and potential. We strive for academic success coupled with expression skills and we work with students to develop their knowledge and skills in well equipped computing labs to prepare them for the next stage of education.”

Kaeini completed his B.Sc in Mathematics at University of Calicut, Kerala, India (1986-1989) and M.Sc in pure mathematics, with a major in Analysis at University of Mombay, Bombay, India (1991-1993).

He has been lecturer of different educational centers for over 20 years in institutions such as, University of Allameh Tabatabaiee, University of Shahid Rajaee (teachers training), Saleh high-school, pre-university college, Farzanegan high school and St Johns International School, Malaysia.

He has published several books in the field of Pure Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, and calculus for high school and pre-university students of science.

He has given many articles in the field of, mathematics and its application, use of history of mathematics in teaching and Aristotelian logic in different Iranian scientific magazines in Persian language (Non-ISI journals).

His activities are in Mathematics, problem solving, mathematics Olympiad, Reading writing and values in mathematics, Mathematical thinking of college student, Use of new technology in teaching mathematics.

He was a GOLD Medalist in competition of General Knowledge of Mathematics, Calicut University, 1988.


Mr Kunalan

(Co-Founder/ Academic Adviser)


Educational Background & Achievements

  • MEng in Engineering at Imperial College, London
  • MSc in Mathematics from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
  • Holder of professional licenses for Treasury and Trading

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching assistant at University of Michigan for Year 1 students
  • Teacher of Maths and Science to primary and secondary students in NYC for an, online education provider in USA
  • Tutored students in mathematics for specialised exams such as SAT
  • Trainer for financial markets for certain banks in Malaysia.


Cambridge Check Point Programme



Key Members of Programme
 Principal Ms Rajini Mlvaganam

At MINDLABS, teachers encourage pupils; giving them the tools to apply logic and reason to their personal decisions, while engaging their curiosity

Madam Thavamany graduated with a Bachelor of Education and a Teaching Certificate from Technical Teaching College. She brings with her a wealth of experience after being in the teaching profession for 39 years. Her experience covers teaching, counselling, curriculum design and the last 8 years as Headmistress for Methodist Boys School, KL. Thava will play a significant role in overseeing the Humanities programme at the school as well as other aspects given her experience.
 Mrs Jaya Puri

“Every child can achieve! A teacher’s role is to motivate, enrich and build an environment that is safe and stimulating”

Mrs Jaya has a Masters in English Literature with a Bachelor in Education with over 20 years of experience at all levels of education. Her last experience was with   School where she taught Maths and Science. She has over 20 years of teaching English to secondary students and at various Government Institutions and has also served as Assistant Principal for 7 years where she was actively involved in delivery of curriculum and counselling of parents.


Members of the Mathematics & Science Programme

Ms Priya

 We focus on approaching problems from a different perspective encouraging students to question, think critically, reason and to see the relation with daily applications


Ms Priya graduated with a Bachelor of English with over 10 years of teaching experience at reputable international schools where the last 6 years as a primary teacher specialising in Science based on the IGCSE curriculum.


Ms Prashalini

Students should expect to be challenged to think about how science works in the world around us. Students will enjoy active lessons that stimulate their imagination and inspire their curiosity


Ms Prashalini graduated with a Bachelor of Education with a major in Mathematics. She had spent more than 6 years of her teaching at a reputable private school as a secondary teacher specialising in teaching Maths and Additional Mathematics. She brings with her a wealth of experience gained in handling children of different ages.


Language Programme

Ms Gurdip Kaur

Focus on dynamic, collaborative learning approach within a strongly communicative environment. Students are taught the tools of persuasion, analysis, argument, dialogue and speaking competitions


Ms Gurdip qualified with a Bachelor of Education with a specialisation in English Language. She has spent the last 25 years teaching English to all ages and levels at public schools. With her experience in delivery methodologies in teaching English includes creative writing, comprehension, public speaking and to develop the confidence of the students in her care.


Computing & Humanities Programme

Mr Sreetharan Krishnan


Through preparation of students in elementary school in the field of computing, they will be able to adapt comfortably with more advanced techniques


Mr Sree graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) from UTAR, Malaysia with over 7 years of experience in teaching mathematics and computing to children of all ages. He teaches students in a broad array of computing language, algorithms and HTML for web designing in preparation for students intending to pursue advanced computing degrees.