What curriculum does MINDLABS offer?

The Cambridge Primary Curriculum and CBSE as a core curriculum leading up the Key Stage 2 external examination.

How do you determine the age group for my child?

Generally, children are admitted according to their age to the appropriate class. However, if an applicant seeks admission outside the child’s age group the Selection Panel will require the parents to explain, with evidence, the reason for their request.

How many children are in each class at MINDLABS?

Junior classes have a maximum size of 15 students per class.

What is the academic staff to student ratio?

The ratio of academic staff to students is 1:5.

What languages are taught at MINDLABS?

English is the language of instruction at MINDLABS. Bahasa Malaysia, Hindi and Mandarin is taught at all levels.

If a child faces difficulties in speaking the English language, does the academy offer any special English Language program?

All prospective students must sit for an Entrance Test, which includes English Language to enter the Academy. Only those who pass this Entrance Test are offered a place. From Academic Year 2016 onwards, MINDLABS will be offering Extra Tutorial classes at all levels.

Does MINDLABS offer support services for students with special needs or learning disabilities?

MINDLABS does not have the resources or programmes to support students with major learning disabilities or physical challenges.

What Co-Curricular Activities are available?

A variety of sporting activities and clubs are offered. CCA is compulsory for all students from pre-school to Year 6. Activities range from Inquiry Circle, Genius Hour and Kidz Yoga.

Do students have to wear a academy uniform?

All students from pre-school to Year 6 must wear the complete academy uniform at all times.

What are the documents required for Admission to MINDLABS?

The documents required for Admissions are:

  • Copies of student and parents’ passport/NIRC
  • Copy of Student’s birth certificate
  • Copies of previous school record and leaving certificate
  • 1 copy of Malaysian passport size photograph of the child
  • Application Fee for the Entrance Test (Non Refundable)

Is there an entrance test and when is it held?

There are entrance tests for all year levels. The Academy requires 5 working days notice prior to sitting the test.

What are the steps for my child to be enrolled in MINDLABS?

Children must:

  • Sit for an assessment test/trial:
    • Junior Academy (English & Maths)
  • Successful candidates will be interviewed by The Head of Academy
  • A Selection Panel will then decide if the application is successful

How much notice is needed if I want to withdraw my child from academy?

Students who intend to leave MINDLABS must give prior notice in writing of at least one full semester term (3 Months).

Is MINDLABS formally recognized by any educational authority?

MINDLABS is fully licensed with the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

How is my child’s academic and personal progress at academy reported to me?

Regular written report and parent/teacher conferences are held throughout the year.

Upon competing their Key Stage 2 examination, where do students pursue their study?

MINDLABS’s students will be provided preferential status for enrolment with reputable international schools in Malaysia until such time the Academy is able to cater to the Key Stage 3 & 4 or equivalent requirements.


Where do the teaching staff come from?

MINDLABS teaching staff is made up of both expatriate and local teachers.

Are the teachers qualified?

All teachers are qualified in their area of expertise. Teachers at MINDLABS must have a teaching qualification along with at least a first degree.


Does the Academy have trained first aid staff?

The teaching and support staff have first aid training on a periodical basis.

Are teachers made aware of medical conditions of children especially when going on trips or camps?

On admission to MINDLABS, you will be required to complete a medical form. It is important you give us all relevant medical information. The Admissions staff then compile medical information on all children and send this to teaching staff.

Each time the academy organises an educational trip an updated medical form is required.

What happens if my child is sick or injured while at the Academy?

If your child is sick or injured at academy, the Admissions staff will take charge. If the injury or sickness is minor, they will be given a first aid and sent back to class. When the child is unable to go back to class the Admissions staff will contact you to collect your child and recommend he/she be taken to a doctor.

All children leaving academy due to injury or sickness must have a leave form completed by the parents or guardians and signed by either the Head of Academy or Deputies-in-charge of Junior Academy.
If the injury or illness is suspected as being severe (such as a Head injury) the Admissions staff or Head of Academy will call you or your emergency contact and ask permission to take your child to a hospital for immediate treatment. This could be either by car or ambulance. You will be consulted as to which hospital you would prefer.

Can my child call home if they feel sick?

All children who are sick or injured must report to the Admissions office before being permitted to call home. No child is to use their mobile phone to call to go home. This is to ensure your child has been given the best treatment here at Academy prior to them being sent home.

If my child is injured at academy, can I make a claim on insurance?

Yes. MINDLABS has an insurance policy which covers your child when they are at academy or on a academy-run excursion or trip. An insurance form can be obtained from the Admissions staff.

What precautions does MINDLABS take to ensure my child is safe in academy and on excursions?

There are both security staff and teachers on duty at all break times and before and after academy hours to ensure all children are safe. No student is permitted to leave the premises during the academy day without a written note signed by the Head of Academy or Deputies-in-charge of Junior Academy. In this case they must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

On excursions the Academy has a trip policy which clearly outlines the staff-to-student ratio for each year group. This includes taking a security guard on trips which have more than 30 students.

Can my child leave academy to go across the road for lunch?

Students are not permitted to leave the Academy to go across the road for any reason. If a child leaves the Academy at the end of the day, the Academy will presume they have left and are in the charge of their parent of guardian. Students are not permitted to re-enter the Academy grounds after leaving the academy.

Are visitors monitored at the academy?

All visitors to the Academy must be signed in at the security guard house before entering. This includes parents who are visiting outside normal pick up and drop off times.

Can my child go home with a person I nominate other than myself?

We ensure all our children only leave with their parents or known guardians. If you require someone new to fetch your child, a letter to the Head of Academy with a photo of the new person and their ID number must be presented prior to the child being picked up. If we are unsure we will call parents before letting anyone fetch a child.

Does the Academy have procedures for intruders or a major accident

The Academy has a lock down Policy and Procedure in place for children to remain in a safe area with their teacher until the danger has passed.

In the event of a fire at the academy what are the procedures?

Each Semester the Academy has a fire drill to ensure all students and staff know the procedures. Names are called to ensure all students and staff are accounted for.

What if my child arrives late to academy?

If your child is late to academy it is important they report to either their class teacher in Junior Academy so the teacher knows they are at academy.


Are academy bus services available?

There are options for students wanting to take the bus to and from academy.  They are operated by privately-owned companies. Please contact our Admissions Office for further information.

What time does academy start and finish?

Each section of the academy have slightly different times. They are as follows:

Pre-School Academic Hours

School Days Hours Break
Junior Mon – Fri 9:00AM – 1:00PM 10:15AM-10:30PM
Lunch 12:30PM-1:00PM


Academic Hours

School Days Hours Break & Lunch
Junior Mon – Fri 8:30AM – 2:30PM 10:00AM-10:15PM
CCA Mon – Fri 2:45PM – 3:30PM 12:00PM – 12:30PM

Note: The above are subject to revision or change